Your Comprehensive Care Options

No matter your injury or condition, receive comprehensive care in one place: Broward Outpatient Medical Center. With multidisciplinary departments and talented staff, chances are you may not even have to leave the building in order to receive the best treatment around.

We are one of the most comprehensive medical treatment facilities in South Florida. We offer in-house advanced diagnostics and treatment tools, and a wide range of specialist doctors. Regardless of your care needs, chances are that we can take care of your needs - from diagnostics, through treatment and rehabilitation - all in one place.  

If you have an injury that is effecting your quality of life, why wait? Call us today to schedule your appointment!

Patient First Model

Living in South Florida, there are a variety of options for your medical treatment, but few if any are focused on you - the patient. At Broward Outpatient Medical Center, our primary focus is ensuring an optimized patient experience. This means making sure your experience is unrivaled. Easy scheduling. Appointment reminders. Pleasant staff. We work as your medical partner, not provider, to get you on the right track and better as soon as possible. 

Doctors Who Excel.

Our doctors - physicians and surgeons - are hand-picked to ensure that they excel in their field.  Our doctors are board certified - many of the double board certified - and experienced in their area of specialty.  Our goal is not the general practice, but to have a wide variety of specialists in different areas. We do this to ensure that your injury is diagnosed and treated by a specialist in that particular area. 

One Location, All The Services. 

Going from location to location for different diagnostics and treatments, scheduling appointments in between, can cause you to be in pain for longer, or at least take longer to get treatment. Our solution is to bring the full vertical of the practice to one place - Broward Outpatient Medical Center